Work with me

Work With Me

I can help you get your zing back.

Hi I am Coryn

Let me ask you a question. How would it feel to have more energy, feel great, look great, have an understanding of how your body works and have more joy in your life, while getting back your spark?

Think for a moment how that would affect every aspect of your life, your relationships with others, husband/wife/partner/kids/friends/family/work colleagues. Not to mention your work/financial success.  Just imagine having that focus and clarity! Wouldn’t that be great?  Stepping back into your truth, coming from a place of balance the transformation is about learning to trust what your body needs and learning about your  ability to make it happen, the power is yours.

I offer a range of options and personalized Programmes that focus on just that.

Naturopathic Consultation

First consultation                         $140.00

Take control of your own health and let us nut this out together. This involves a 1 hour consultation plus a report of findings where we map out your goals and my observation of what is needed to get there.  I do a thorough case history all about you! This alone can be very insight full.

I am also very happy to work alongside your GP if needed, I use the latest blood/saliva/DNA testing, and this can help give us a clear measure of what is going on with your body. This can take the guess work out and saves you time and money. Especially if you are dealing with a chronic health problem that you are not getting any answers for.

Report of Findings.

Once you have worked out your health and well being goals I help with how you get there.

You take away with you recommendations tailored to your personal health needs.

In other words a plan of action. You might even get some ahuh moments.

This may include:

Diet suggestions


Herbal formulas

Lifestyle suggestions

Specific testing


Follow ups 35 min                         $65.00

I always tell my clients that when it comes to your health, patience is required. If you think about how long you have been feeling like you have, and doing and thinking in a certain way (that may not have been so great for your beautiful body), you have to give your body/mind time to heal, integrate and redefine how it works. I know we live in a world of instant gratification but believe me, there are no short cuts. For long term sustainable change it will take time and love.

 This is a continuing process where we can

Continue with your health plan

Re-evaluate your goals

Support/motivate/ make a joke or two

Look at any thing new that is going on for you.

Hey we can Skype!

Skype consultation                      $140.00

If you live in Auckland and the traffic is doing your head in, or if you live in the bottom of the South Island or if you live on the other side of the world… all good… because I offer Skype consultations.


First consultation                           $120.00

Follow ups 35 min                           $55.00


Carb choice package     

Includes the following             

1  Carb Choice Genetic test

1 hour report of findings and nutrition and life style recommendations

with a take home report that is targeted just at you and your genes.

3x 35 min follow up sessions

Valued at $609.00

 Offered at $550.00


Nourish you with Nourish me

A 14 day kick start to well being    $89.00

I can all so do Gift cards with any of the services I offer.

I offer a free 15 min chat. Hey if you don’t know me… Let’s have a chat!

And from there you will get an idea if I am what you are looking for.

Body work 

1 hour massage

1 hour massage                               $90.00

I have a diploma in massage therapy and over the years developed massage techniques from a combination of different cultures.  I like to use the breath and movement using flowing strokes to create a very relaxing effect on the nervous system. As well as being able to target and release tension.


90 min Aromatherapy hot oil  hot towel massage

90 min                                               $120.00

Using the healing proprieties of hot coconut oil infused with aromatherapy oils and hot steaming towels to relax and ease away any tension. This is a treat.

What people are saying?

 Massage clients:

“To whom it may concern, “the experience of Coryn’s full body massage has been an eye opener for me as a massage virgin. A beautifully relaxed atmosphere was created to put me & my body at ease. As a busy single dad of 3, the massage managed to clear my busy mind & free knots out of my stressed muscles. I particularly applaud her professionalism in explaining the process, in helping me relax and suggesting exercises to continue what her skilful hands started. I’ve since felt both a physical & emotional peace… it won’t be my last massage for sure”  Jonnhy Bolye”

“Best massage ever! and it was! I need another one…”very intuitive touch that got into all my tight spots,ironed out my tension and left me feeling  so relaxed and blissed out that I floated off the massage table’ Karma Russel”

“The massage I got from Coryn was wonderful!! She soothed away tight spots, tension and left me feeling so beautifully relaxed. I slept very well that night. Thanks Coryn – I really appreciated it!! Rachel” 

“Thank you Coryn., I am feeling so much better and relaxed and can move my neck around. I loved the warmth, the sensitivity, and depth of your knowledge of bodywork which is reflected in your skilled range of techniques and trusting hands …loved the hot towels!  Just had a very relaxing and therapeutic massage from Coryn who did wonders on a pinched nerve in my neck. I would thoroughly recommend her for bodywork and look forward to my next massage. Thank you Coryn x Siobhan Lee”

“I have a very active job which requires a lot of lifting. The muscles around my neck and shoulders get very tight, and I was starting to get headaches. I went to Coryn for a therapeutic massage to relieve the tightness and tension. Coryn has a wonderful manner, and I felt at ease and supported from the moment I stepped through her clinic door. For the massage, she kept me warm and comfortable at all times. I could feel the tension melting away as she worked on my muscles with a gentle but firm touch. Coryn recommended I see an osteo to help with the headaches, however, I found after the massage the headaches completely disappeared. I would recommend Coryn to anyone who wants body work done by an experienced and tuned-in practitioner. Lisa Davis.”

Naturopathic clients

“Coryn is great to work with. She is kind, listens and understands and she treats you as a whole person. She has helped me develop a healthier life style and to get my energy back after a long, difficult period. Lynley Stone. Mt Albert”


“The 14 day Programme from Nourish Me has given me the kick-start I was looking for to make healthier food choices. Being a breastfeeding mother, and having another child I have swung into some poor eating habits, looking for instant pick-me-ups and feeling tired all the time.

 After using Coryn’s Programme I feel like I have more space to make good decisions, have more energy and happier children. I love the way she integrates mind and body healing techniques into this program, it has felt like a very holistically healing time.

 I recommend this to anyone who knows they could be feeling better and want some direction on how to nourish themselves.”  Stephine Young.