Seaweed Noodle salad.

Seaweed noodle salad for lunch today.

The flavors are so fresh and I the love the crunch of the seaweed noodles, makes for good texture.  This takes no time at all to make and I really like finding other interesting options other than wheat noodles.



Seaweed noodles

A few florets of broccoli

1 grated carrot

1/2 a grated beet root

3 cloves of garlic chopped

About a thumb size of grated ginger

Small hand full of mushrooms

Dash of soy sauce

1 tbsp of olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Half a lemon


Heat oil in a frying pan, add chopped mushrooms saute for a few mins, then add soy sauce garlic and ginger.

Then add broccoli.  I love my broccoli still crunchy and super green.

Add amount of seaweed noodles you want. I tend to use sizzors  to cut them up a little and toss them through. I then turn of heat and toss through the carrot and beets and serve with a bit of salt and pepper to taste.

Yum. Enjoy.



Introducing Quinoa to your Bubba

Quinoa got to love it.

I love this grain  Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and contains iron, B-vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamin E and fiber. It is a complete protein and comprised of all pernine essential amino acids.   This is not usually the case in plant based foods. So is an idea grain to introduce to baby.

My little one loves it.  She is 7 mths old now and I cook it a few different ways for her.

This is what the grain looks like uncooked, I love using the different colors , it gives it a lovely depth.

quinoa- image

A lot of people are not use to this grain and get put off using it as they think it is to hard to cook, or takes to long. That is not the case at all. just as easy as rice.

Introducing food and how you do it is a personal choice,  you do what feels right for you and your family. We do some baby lead weaning and some times I will feed her. She is my third baby, so depending on what is going on for the family.  She loves to sit up with the family and eat with us, so the dinner meal with the rest of the family tends to be one that she helps her self to and eats mostly what we are eating.  I cook the quinoa below for the family and just put some on her tray and she just puts it in her mouth by the hand full. Luckily i have wooden floors!!  Another thing I do when cooking it this way is to roll it in to balls and she will grab those, with those sticky little fingers!

This is what the grain looks like when it is cooked, it takes on a different texture and look than the uncooked grain.


You can buy  Quinoa flakes like pictured below,  I make this up like a breakfast cereal for her.


And just because I could not resist, this is the little Lexi, at about 6 mths.  She is ready to rock and roll in her chef hat.


Cooking Quinoa

1 cup of Quinoa to 2 cups of water

Add to pan and bring to boil

When it has boiled turn down to low and let simmer for about 15 – 20 mins

It will adsorb all the water and the grains go translucent when cooked.

Quinoa balls

Nothing flash here people just roll into a little baby bite size ball.  i find if i have a kurmea or any root vegetable that is cooked you can mash it up and this will help bind the quinoa in to balls. Just to keep the food exciting and new for the little ones.

Quinoa flakes for breakfast

I cook the flakes to make a breakfast cereal I add a pinch of cinnamon and then add water and keep adding water as it gets thick, let simmer and keep stirring, dose not take long to cook at all. about 5 mins.

Quinao with chicken and pumpkin

Cook quinao as above, add shredded chicken (I make up a big chicken in the crock pot and then frieze in small servings sizes to add to baby’s meals. i then add cooked pumpkin in finger bite sizes, you can either leave them like that so baby can pick them up and are soft to the touch or you can mash up with Quinao, chicken and serve like that.

Just remember when introducing foods, relaxed mum relaxed baby. What a great time, don’t rush it, don’t rush them.  Some days they may not want much food and some days they will love a particular meal and the next they may refuse to eat it.  That’s normal.

Healthy eating habits start now, you have a great opportunity to create a fun and relax environment for your baby to explore there first foods and there first impression of food, that will stick with them for ever.  Remember  food diversity is one of the keys in helping to creating a healthy gut microbiome (gut flora) in your baby and this is such an important part of your baby’s over all immune system and general health and well being.

So pat your self on the back mamma, you have a very important job you are doing. What a privilege.

Coryn. xx

ps Let me know if you are interested in any other topics with mums and baby and will be happy to write something up.

What dose a Naturopath drink when she is sick?

Those winter bugs are hanging on.   And finally it has got me. My head if full of snot and I would like to crawl under my covers and sleep…….. for a week.  But I don’t quite have the luxury to do that. So I got into the kitchen and made my favorite drink to help blast away those winter bugs.


This makes 8 cups more or less.


7 Lemons

1/2 tsp of Turmeric

1 stick of cinnamon

4 5 tsp of fresh ginger

1 whole clove of garlic

A pinch of chili flakes

8 cups of water

Honey to add to each cup about 1/2 tsp.


Some of my favorite medicinal spices.

Turmeric gives this such a glow and has so many health benefits one of many is it is anti inflammatory so can help with sore throats.


oh I love garlic, it is a great anti microbial.    Make sure you cut it up nice and fine and don’t worry you will ward of vampires and your friends and family will still love you.


If you don’t have a grater you can just finely chop ginger.  Fresh ginger is best.  Such a warming winter herb.



Bring water to boil and add every thing but lemons and honey. Boil for a few minutes and then simmer for 5 mins. When cool store in jar in the fridge.

I then squeeze lemons and store in separate  jar.

Now there are a few ways of drinking it you can either just heat up a cup full and add as much lemon juice as you like or add half turmeric mix in a cup and just add boiled water to the rest of cup and add some lemon

Add 1/2 tsp of honey per cup.

Try to have at least 4 cups per day.

You can strain it if you like, but hey there is nothing like biting into a piece of garlic or chili when you need a kick. 🙂


Liquid gold baby!

Home made fish stock 

This is just to easy!! You add every thing into the crock pot, turn it on and leave it over night. Done.

I was lucky enough to be bought up by a father that felt at home on the sea and love to provide fresh fish and seafood for family and friends. When I was all grown up, I use to love getting my dads fish stock that was made up of every thing that was not the fillets of the fish. Now that dad is not with us I no longer get the fresh stuff. So here is my atemped to make my own.



Fish bones and tails.  I got these from the super market, but if your lucky enough to have fresh fish then use the head as well.

A couple of cloves of garlic

2 potatoes

1 leek

1 onion

2 carrots

1 liter of water

Salt and pepper to taste

You can add more vegetable, this was all I had in cupboard at the time.


Put all the ingredients into the crock pot, add 1 liter of water turn on and leave over night. Next day drain off vegetalbes and you are left with liquid gold!



This will last in the fridge for a couple of days, I freeze mine up into small lots to get out when needed.

So lovely to add to Asian dishes or soups.

Using stock gives such a depth to your meals and the beauty of making  your own is you know it has no added sugar and preservative and you can control the amount of salt you add.
Enjoy. x Coryn

Delicious  kiwi fruit crumble

Delicious kiwi fruit crumble that is wheat and gluten free.


This is so easy to make up, I all ways think there is going to be left overs but there never is. A good way to use fruit up if you think it is going to waste.


Serves 6

3 cups of in season fruit

3 Cups of Almond Meal

1 tsp of cinnamon

1 tsp of vanilla essence

2 tbs of coconut sugar  ( could use 2 tbs of maple syrup)

200 grams of melted butter


Finely chop up fruit, I use what ever is in season and add to bottom of dish.  In bowl mix all other ingredients and add melted butter mix through then spread on top of fruit.  Put into pre heated oven and cooked at 150 c  for 30 mins.


Serve with some plain yogurt.  Yum


Enjoy. Coryn. x

Peanut butter bite size goodness


I love these and so do my kids, they are great to put into lunch boxes and for a little afternoon snack.  They are a good fat and protein hit.  They are so quick and easy to make, you don’t have to cook them and it is a fun thing for the kids to get involved in.


These are different every time I make them, depending on what I have in the cupboard at the time.


1 cup of oats ( use almond meal for gluten free)

1/2 of LSA

2/3 cup of coconuts flakes

1/2 cup of peanut butter ( make sure you get the ones that are not loaded with sugar)

1 tbs of honey  or 1 tbs of maple syrup

1/4 cup of cocoa powder

1 tsp of cinnamon

1 tsp of vanilla extract

1 tbs of chia seeds

Hand full of goji ( optional)

Hand full of dates, chopped up fine ( optional)

Add all ingredients and stir in well with your hands and then roll into bite sizes balls. You can freeze them in zip lock bags and they will defrost by lunch time or sometimes I just put them in the fridge for an hour and then store them in a container in the cupboard.( They never seem to last long in our house)

Enjoy. X Coryn

Soup for Breakfast Any One?


The Truth is out people and it is main stream. Most of the so called healthy Cereal is not only filled with unwanted colors and preservatives but………… it has a shite load of sugar!! So start thinking out side the box.  Soup is a great warming, nutritious start to the day. This was my breakfast the other morning Pumpkin and chicken soup, and I all ways feel sooooo good after it.  I make up a big batch so I just need to re heat it and I am good to go.

Season with sea salt/pepper

1/2 tsp of kelp powder. (Great for that tired over worked thyroid.)

Hand full of flat leave parsley.

Enjoy. X Coryn

Chilli Kale Chips.


Kale chips.

Okay I must admit when I heard about Kale chips I am thinking really!! But yes really and they are super quick and easy too make. Kale is in season at the moment, so plenty around and cheap. I have just started getting a vegetable box delivered to my door, and a big bunch of Kale was in it, my kids don’t like Kale when I cook it!! but they cant get enough of the Kale chips. I am loving it! new things in it each week and saves me a supermarket trip and with this particular company I am using I know the farmer is getting fair price. So thanks ooooby (name of the company) I am loving fresh food being delivered to my door.



Sea salt

Olive oil

Chilli salt or half a chili ( finely chopped) or 1/2 tsp of chilli flakes.


Chop up Kale to bite size

Add a drizzle of oil  to Kale ( it dose not need much)

Sprinkle chilli  and sea salt (if my kids are eating them I do a separate tray, as they are not into chillie, just sea salt)

Put into pre heated oven on 150 for about 10-15 mins, depending on your oven.


Do check, as if you over cook them, there is no saving them and yes I have over cooked then a few times.

I find this a good after noon snack for the kids.They love them!

Great to make the most of in season vegetables and try something a bit new. Have fun and let no know what you think.

Enjoy Coryn. xx

Home made chicken bites

This is a favorite at the moment with my kids. The turmeric gives the chicken a lovely golden colour. A healthy alternative to chicken from the packet. 

Serving: 4



3 good size chicken breasts

1 tsp of turmeric powder

Sea salt and ground pepper

½ cup of GF flour or standard flour


2tsp of sesame seeds

Olive oil



Cut chicken in to bite size pieces.

Add turmeric powder to flour and put into a plastic bag, add chicken to this and give it a good shake.

Then put chicken in preheated oven, on some baking paper. Add a bit of olive oil and give it a bit of a shake.

Bake for about 20 on 190 Celsius.

Oven time may vary depending on oven.


When cooked, serve with sea salt a bit of feta and a sprinkle of black sesame seeds.

Great served with a vibrant colorful vegetable stir fry.

Enjoy. corynx