Miso soup with shitake mushrooms and seaweed

Miso soup with shitake mushrooms and seaweed

It’s getting that time of the year, when things are starting to cool down a little and I start to think about soups. I love this soup, it is so nourishing and a real immune booster. I quite often make up a double lot and keep it in the fridge and its an ideal breakfast. A great way to start the day with out causing  blood sugar spikes.

Wellness in a bowl. My tummy loves this soup!!

D4 dinner miso soup with shitake mushrooms


Makes 2 serving

1 litre of water

1 tbsp of miso (or to taste)

2 tbs of hatcho miso, (soybean)

1 strip of kombu seaweed pre soaked and then chopped up finely

1 diced carrot

1 diced courgette

1 spring onions diced

½ cup shiitake mushrooms

2 tsp of sesame seed oil

Pepper to taste



Bring a pot of water to boil, add pre-soaked seaweed, carrot and

courgette, add pre-soaked mushrooms, boil for 5 mins. Then turn

the heat to low. Add miso, stir and simmer for 10 minutes, add spring

onion and sesame seed oil just before serving.

NOTE: Do not boil the miso. This dish can be reheated just don’t bring it

to the boil. You can put more veggies into this soup to if you want to

bulk it out.

There are quite a few different types of miso available from your

Supermarket, try a few until you find your favourite.

My sister took these amazing photos for me and this recipes is one of many great ones on my program Nourish you with Nourish me.

Enjoy. Coryn. xx


Healthy snack food and lunch box ideas for kids

Healthy snack food and lunch box ideas for kids

Making food interesting: Getting kids by in.

Don’t know about you guys but when my kids are in the kitchen making food with me they are more likely to eat it. Same goes when we make up food on a Sunday for there lunch boxes for the week. (Please note all though the intention is to do this every week, sometimes we just don’t get there!) Below are some notes from a workshop I did at Splore all about kids and foods. The peanut butter bliss balls were a hit with the kids! see recipe below. xx Coryn

  • Get kids to help with food preparation, make it fun.
  • They will watch what you eat and copy you, so if you are eating a highly refined diet then so will they
  • Have shared meals this is fun and they are less likely to over eat as opposed to sitting eating in front of t.v.
  • Talk to your kids about foods, and foods that make them grow and think and climb trees.
  • Make food that you would like to eat your self


  • How much sugar are you feeding your Kids?

Recommended daily sugar for children

  • 4-6 years old 19 grams = 5 tsp
  • 7-10 years old 24 grams = 6 tsp
  • From 11 years 30 grams = 7 tsp
  • 1 can of fizzy drink is 9 tsp of sugar!!

If you eat too much sugar the body stores it as fat

  • Salt 4-6 years old 3 grams salt = 1.2g sodium
  • 7-10 5 years old 5 grams salt= 2 grams’ sodium

We tend to swing from high sugar to high salt.

Be mindful of free sugars (added sugars)

sugar on spoon doctored-md

Don’t go overboard on natural sugars from milk, fruits. Even though they are not an empty calorie like added sugars and do have fibre and other nutrients they will still spike blood sugar levels.

Foods high in sugar are biscuits, cereals, pasta, cakes, chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks, fruit juice.

Start to read labels look at bread, yogurts, crackers: Well most things have added sugar.

Spend a bit of time on a Sunday afternoon and make up some of these recipes and have them for the week, they will save you money and time in the morning and they are a healthy option. (These recipes will be on my blog)

Lunch box ideas.

  • Mini pikelets
  • Scones
  • Bliss balls
  • Pop corn
  • Roasted nuts and seeds
  • Egg and veggie muffins
  • Fruit
  • Cut up cheeses with crackers
  • Hummus and carrot sticks
  • Ham/biltong/beef jerky/left over meats
  • Wraps/whole meal pita with scrambled eggs/lettuce and cheese
  • Boiled egg
  • Frozen smoothies: Berries/yogurt/rice milk/chia seeds/banana
  • Non sweetened yogurt
  • Roasted seaweed
  • Nuts and seeds

Peanut butter balls

Makes 15 balls (can freezes)

1 cup of oats

½ cup of shredded coconut

1 tbs of coca powder

1 tbs of chia seeds

½ of peanut butter

½ tsp of vanilla

¼ a cup of chopped dates or raisin

½ tsp of coconut oil

Add all ingredients in to mixing below and mix well,

Then squeeze into balls: If the mixture is a bit dry and not binding just add a little bit more coconut oil.


Pop corn

½ a cup of popping corn

1 tsp of oil

Pinch of sea salt

1 tsp of brewer’s yeast.

Add to saucepan with 1 tsp of oil, cover with lid and leave on low till popped.

I add salt and brewer’s yeast.

Hope this gives you some new ideas. xx Coryn





Over this time of year you can really accelerate your ageing hormones

The countdown to the New Year is fast approaching, how are you coping?

8 Quick Tips to help manage the madness.


  • Set an intention every day. Ideally when you are in nature and have some time and space to just be for a few minutes.
  • Chill out and breathe.  You are not getting anywhere faster if you start stressing and you will release a chemical cascade of ageing hormones in the process. You will be more likely to crave sugar and have energy dips, a nasty little cycle to get into. So breathe deeply and slowly! It really does help.
  • Sit down and write a list of all the things that you need to do every day and feel the satisfaction of ticking that baby off after you have done them.


  • Quite often people glorify busyness especially at this time of year and then stop doing the things that help them to feel good. Keep doing them!
  • Move/exercise/dance. This is such a great way to help break the stress cycle if you are having fun doing it of course!  Exercising for too long can create stress on the body – you only need to do 30 mins to get the feel good factor.
  • Diets don’t work! Eat a well balanced diet full of fruit/veggies and good fat. Don’t over complicate things, don’t go hungry, and if you are restricting food, the body gets a bit annoyed about that and will send all sorts of signals to the body to hold onto fat and slow your metabolism down, let alone the social implications of restricting yourself at this time of year.  Hey, don’t get me wrong – if you over eat and go crazy you will feel terrible for it. It’s all about balance.
  • Love your sleep, we all know what it is like to not have enough sleep, it causes you to crave refined sugars, it effects your neurotransmitters, it puts stress on your adrenal glands and this  effects your hormones and will accelerate your ageing hormones and make you not want to do any of the above because you simply can’t be bothered.
  • Hang out with people you like, they make you laugh. That’s got to be a good thing right? xx


Hope this is a little reminder for you all at this time of year. Merry Christmas!

xx Coryn

What does the doctor have to say? Introducing Dr Fiona Darracott-Cankovic

I am very excited and pleased to introduce Dr Fiona Darracott-Cankovicas as one of my guess bloggers. Fi will be adding her wealth of knowledge on some of the health topics that I too feel passionate about. We both have an interest in Metabolic health, this topic covers a large range of health issue.


Heart Stethoscope

Fiona is a GP that has studied integrative medicine. She has a holistic view when it comes to seeing her clients.  She practices up at the Titirangi Medical Center

I love that we are seeing more doctors that are interested in functional medicine and integrating the holistic model of working with others like my self in the health field to best support health outcomes for our clients/patience.

So… what topics are you interested in?

To get the ball rolling I would love to hear if there are any topics you would like both Fiona and I to cover together?  Be great to hear from you.

Many thanks xx Coryn

To contact Fiona please call ……..(09) 817 8069


Carb Choice: Genetic testing

Learn how your body metabolises and tolerates starch in carbohydrates through genetic profiling.

I love the fact that science is making some amazing discoveries about the body, it is truly fascinating.  My latest interest is in nutrigenomics, genetic testing for personalised nutrition and treatment of patients, no more guess work.

When I did my training the science was simply not available, but now this has changed and is opening up a whole new world of the way we look at each individual when it comes to health and I am super excited about it. So about 5 mths ago I went to a seminar and  I felt like yes finally this is the missing link I have been looking for in my practice. One of the gentic tests they were talking about was the Carb Choice,  I decided to try this out on myself. It was a bit of an ah-ha moment when I got my results!


My variation number is a 3, very low.

Classified as lowest amylase group.

Greater risk for insulin resistance / diabetes if chronically ingesting a high starch diet.

Eightfold increased risk of obesity than 9+ CNV populations.

When I got my results it was like oh I see, now I get it. I have never been obese, but as my friends like to call me I am voluptuous! And to be perfectly honest with you , in the past have been overweight.  I have never dieted thank god, so have the advantage of not stressing my body out and confusing the hell out of my metabolism.

Over the last ten years I also have the advantage of knowing a lot about nutrition and eating well. But all that being said, after I did the test I decided to follow the guide lines specific to my variation number and I started losing weight (my variation number is 3 we don’t move weight easily).  I’m not sure how much as I don’t weigh myself, but can feel it, and people are commenting.  Being 43 and 3 kids later as some of you will know this gets harder and harder to do!! So I started taking notice of this. I am sharing this  with you as I am excited that genetics are now telling us that, yes for some of us it is harder to keep weight off, and that’s okay as having this knowledge and some education of foods that are best suited to you, it can help navigate the tricky and confusing world of weight loss and help prevent some chronic health issues.

Below is some information about Carb Choice, the test that I am now excited to be offering up to my clients.



  • Confused about carbs?
  • Overweight?
  • Unable to lose weight?
  • Having trouble maintaining weight loss?
  • Tired of fad diets?
  • Diabetic or insulin resistant?
  • Gluten intolerant?

Fitgenes Carb Choice gene profile can assist and will reveal whether you have:

Low Activity Starch Processing 1-4

Requires lower intake of carbohydrates. If intake too high or wrong type, greater risk of obesity which can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.

Moderate Starch Processing 5-8

Can tolerate more grains but if intake too high or wrong type then likelihood of weight issues and related problems.

Higher Tolerance for Starch Processing 9+

Can tolerate higher starch intake from grains and other carbohydrates with less impact on insulin levels.

Less risk of obesity.

What is Carb Choice?

Fitgenes has developed Carb Choice, a personalised genetic profile report based on your AMY 1 gene which affects your personal response to starch from carbohydrates.

By understanding your Carb Choice gene profile and your body’s response, you can best manage health issues, including:

  • Weight management
  • Diabetes
  • Gluten intolerances
  • Dental decay

How your body processes starch carbohydrates plays an important role in these and other everyday health and wellbeing issues.


Why use Carb Choice?

Making informed dietary choices isn’t always easy. Yet making the right choices is important for long term health and wellbeing and in addressing a number of key lifestyle and health issues.

Your Carb Choice program doesn’t require strict diet rules, nor any fancy products and services.

The report uses dietary and nutritional interventions and guidance based on your genetic profile.

There is more than one type of carbohydrate but do you know which are best for you?

Who should profile their AMY 1 Gene?

Anyone who wants to understand how their body metabolises and tolerates starch in carbohydrates and wants to make the best dietary choices for themselves.

What is your AMY1 gene?

AMY1 is a gene that produces the enzyme ‘amylase’. Amylase is found in our saliva and plays a major role in the digestion of starch, which is a carbohydrate found in grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Amylase begins the process of starch metabolism in the mouth. 50% of bread starch and 25% of pasta starch is broken down during the short chewing time of 19 to 27 seconds.

AMY 1 Gene Copy Number Variation

Some of us do not produce sufficient levels of amylase or produce amylase with very poor ability to break down our carbohydrates. Genetic research on amylase production and how effective it is for starch carbohydrate digestion has shown that our AMY1 Gene copy number variation indicates our genetic predisposition for starch metabolism.

Understanding your genetic predispositions means no more guesswork and personalised health plans that work for you.

How does Carb Choice work?

The Fitgenes Carb Choice genetic profile report tells you your AMY1 copy number variation enabling you to understand your personal response to starch from carbohydrates.

With this information I will design a personalised intervention plan based on modifying your diet to lower starch intake to assist in your bodys’ response to carbohydrate consumption. The program will be tailored to your personal results considering factors such as:

  • How much carbohydrate you can eat per day.
  • Which carbohydrates you should avoid and which ones are preferred.
  • Using carbohydrates for energy.

If you read this and you are feeling yep this could help me, feel free to get in touch and we can talk some more.

X Coryn

Time to get your zing back


Are you feeling unmotivated to change, are you uninspired in the kitchen cooking meal after meal with not much love? I get it, life is busy for you and some times in the busyness we loose our self’s and what we need to keep us healthy and happy.

I was noticing that a lot of my clients  were wanting direction with some new ideas, I was all so noticing that connection between mind and body being very disconnected. This can simply be a result of us just rushing through life, but all so some times choosing to ignore that little voice, as it can be a bit uncomfortable sitting in your truth.

So from a process for me just as much as my clients I sat down and came up with a health program that does not just focus on food but all so touches on the very important element of your mind and your ability to look at things in a completely  different way that will decrease your stress and leave you feeling whole. This is where is gets interesting.

So here is a little bit about the program, if you are interested in it get in touch, I would love to have you on board.

 This program is about kick-starting your metabolism, connecting your body and mind and helping you to re-find or redefine yourself. Along the way you will be supported in gaining knowledge about yourself, finding the triggers and blocks that prevent you being the best you can be – to leave you feeling well and inspired.

You will learn to eat intuitively, not count calories or obsess about “Good or bad” foods. The ultimate goal is to love food and yourself. No diets, no fads, no tricks, no magic pills, just good practical tools for long-term sustainable health and well being and happiness.

 Can you relate to any of the following?

  •  Low energy
  • Anxiety
  • Excess belly fat Weight fluctuation
  • Depression
  • Poor concentration
  • Blood sugar problems
  • Insomnia
  •  Hormone issues
  • Low libido

Have you been experiencing some or all of the above? Is it starting to impact on your daily life and your relationships with family and friends?  Are you enjoying life or are you sick and tired of feeling this way?

If you can relate to some or most of the above, this programme could be the kick-start program you are looking for.

What to expect:

Your body will go through some physiological changes, this is what happens when you take the toxic load of the body and when you start to address your own stress response and when you start feeding your body high nutrient rich foods.

By the end of this programme you may experience enhanced energy levels, weight loss, better concentration, less bloating, decreased mood swings…the list goes on.

You will gain some fantastic tools on self-care, and mindfulness.

This 14-day program does not involve intensive food restriction, it is a holistic program design by a health professional with ample experience in supporting people’s health and well being. I put my heart and soul into providing a variety of different programs that can make real changes and this program could do just that in your life.

 What you will get.

 In your inbox you will receive:

  • A beautiful manual with all recipes, snacks, handy tips and mindful tools
  • Daily supportive emails

 Loads of support:

  • Weekly check ins with me via the closed Facebook page
  • The opportunity to have a one on one personalized consultation with me at a discounted rate.
  • And last but certainly not least, a program designed by a trained naturopath with a lot of experience, integrity and lots of passion for what I do – I know my stuff and I believe in it!


  Frequently Asked questions:

What if I don’t like the food?

Taste buds can adjust and there will be some foods you will not like and there will be some new foods that you will think are great. It’s all about opening your palate, and getting you inspired for new healthy, culinary experiences.

What if I don’t want to cut out all my favourite foods?

Good question. More often than not when my clients cut out their “favourite food” they stop craving it. But remember it’s what we eat for most of the time, not some of the time that counts.

What if I don’t like cooking?

There will be recipes to guide you and for those times you can’t face cooking, there are some great foods you can get from supermarket that fit the program e.g. organic ready-made soups.

Is this a weight loss programme?

It is not advertised as a weight loss programme because I want the focus to be on you, your energy, your passion and your health. The very nature of my work is to help your body become more efficient at metabolising fat BUT I am not in to calorie counting, or daily weight checking. This is about conscious eating and sustainable change that empowers and motivates you to want to make these changes so that at the end of the day you feel good, and stay feeling good.

Next program starts Monday the 24th of October.

xx Coryn

Most of us know what it feels like, and its hard to see your little ones in distress. Constipation.

Is your little one suffering from Constipation?

I have a lot of parents ask me what is normal for a baby and when do you know it is constipation? Your babies bowel movements vary depending on how old your baby is, how long they have been on solids and what they are eating.

If you think your baby is having trouble with constipation.

They may have hard or pellet like bowel motions.

They may be in pain while trying to have a bowel movement.

Infants do have weak abdominal muscles and often strain during  bowel motions any way, so if it is soft then it should not be of any concern.

Once they are established on solids then start looking at how long between bowel motions. This can be a confusing topic as some experts will say it is fine for a baby to go for up to  2 weeks before they have a bowel motion, I think this is to long especially if they are showing some of the signs above.

2011-12-29 10.31.52

Introducing foods

When you start to introduce foods to your baby, it is a big transition for every one. You can certainly have a few ups and downs before every body gets use to the new normal….. Eating food and eventually lots of it! 🙂

It can be common for some babies to suffer from constipation for the most part this will pass, (excuse the pun) but if you have any concerns about your babies health and progress please see your GP or talk to your plunket nurse about this. Along with the right support here are a few things you can try.

What are you feeding your baby?

Start simple, don’t over complicate things in the beginning, your baby is not able to process some foods, so just be mindful of this when introducing.  Introduce one food at a time for a few days and see how you go.

Did you know

That your babies digestive system is quite immature until age two, so they have trouble assimilating protein and carbohydrates as well as we do. So when you are starting to introduce grains I would recommend to soak them over night, to help with the digesting process.

What can cause constipation in babies? 

Introduction of solid food(s) – breastfed babies may be more prone to constipation when solid foods are introduced. This is because their tiny tummies are used to processing the easily and highly digestible mother’s milk

Some commercial baby formula’s

Diets low in fiber

Diets of excessive dairy products

Introducing wheat to soon, baby’s find this hard to break down and if you introduce this to soon it can cause constipation. I would wait for at least one year before you give them wheat.

Foods such as Bananas,  Cereals, Breads, pastas  and potatoes may contribute or cause constipation.


Foods that could help with constipation.

Apricots, prunes, peaches, plums, pears, peas, spinach and increasing their water intake can be very effective.


Here are a few other things you can try

Fennel seed tea

Slippery Elm powder

A nice warm bath can be relaxing and help get things moving.

Followed by a tummy massage going clock wise with warm oil with a nice gentle pulsing action.

Having baby lying on back and lifting legs up and down like riding a bike.

Probiotics:  Creating a healthy microbiome. This can be help full if your baby was born by C-section, not being breast feed, or has had antibiotic treatment, if this is the case I would recommend talking to a health care professional. So you are getting the right probiotics for your baby.

I would try one thing at a time as you don’t want to over load your baby with too much. Starting with the food changes and then going from there.  It is all so helpful to know what worked for your baby.

Just a reminder on over doing the prunes and fruit juice.

If you are finding you are doing this a lot to get your baby’s bowels moving keep in mind that prunes and fruit are high in natural sugars and it can become a bit of a sugar over load for your wee one.

Please don’t use stimulant laxatives to treat infant constipation. 

This is not treating the cause, babies and infants have weak bowel tone, and this treatment is not recommended. You can always talk to your GP about baby enemas that you can insert up their anus, this  can be very effective and after you have tried other options that have not worked.

And again for the most part this will pass, there is a small chance that it can be some other under lying health problem, if you are at all concerned please talk to your GP or pediatrician about your options.

Hope this helps.  xx Coryn.

ps Just remember new mum and dads, just when you get use to a stage, they will up and change it on you. Pat yourself on the back, this parent thing is a ride. xx

Forget New Years resolutions, have you got a vision of where you want to be?

Happy New Year!  This is my first blog for a while –  I have been away camping with my family.   I love getting back in touch with nature and I always find it is a great time for a bit of reflection and space to sit with my truth, from this place great things can be born. At this time of the year there are a lot of New Years resolutions being bandied about. I have a question for you, how is that working out for you?

Hey, we have all done it right. Turning over new leaves, making big blanket statements about what we are going to change. I find this tends to set us up for failure and a feeling of disillusion. I like to see health as a big road trip with ups and downs. In viewing it this way you can make a great analogy.


So when you plan a road trip do you just say I am going to Eketahuna and that is it? No you plan the trip, you spend time thinking about what you want out of your trip what you want to do, what makes you feel good and most of us visualize this, what you want to see on the way and most of us jump on the net and view pictures of where we want to go. Your brain digs this, it is sending clear messages to your brain about what is going on and your brain can feel it before it has happened. Very cool.

Well how bout doing this for your health?

Here is a challenge for you all.

Book in some me time with no distractions, put your favourite music on, light a candle have a cup of herbal tea, get a journal. Then close your eyes and picture you in 6 months to a years time.

See and feel how you want to be, how you want to feel, picture it in your mind, sit in that feeling of calm of energy of strength and breathe. Don’t forget how that feels.

Next is to plan the steps that you need to do to get to this feeling.

Write them out, be realistic and give yourself time. Share it with a friend, share it with your partner. Make sure you re visit the space where you just sit in it and feel, do this at least once a week, it does not have to be a long time – maybe ten mins. You can always tweak the steps and side trips along the way, you might get a few flat tyres, that’s life 🙂 But hold on to the end game.

A little tip, make your journey fun, sensual, exciting, colourful!! Let go of judgement of where you are at, it does not serve you.

This puts you in the driving seat, this is a powerful place to come from to make long term changes. It’s exciting and fun!

Hey, if you feel overwhelmed by this and would like some help with planing your journey, I am your girl. I love doing this with clients. Over the years I have learnt that this is the most effective way to make long term changes, I can tell you to eat this or do that, but at the end of the day if you are not holding your own road map then chances are, it’s not going to stick.

Give me a call today and you can make a start. You can always jump on my Facebook page and share your vision with us there.

And remember to re visit that place where you feel at your best, if you keep doing this before you know it you will have arrived at your destination. Room service and all.

X Coryn

Has eating “healthy/clean/pure food” become an unhealthy obsession?

Are you getting any enjoyment from the healthy foods you are eating?  Or has it become the monkey on your back?



Too many of us look at food as “good and bad”, we say things like “I have been good today” or “oh, I have cheated today and been bad”.  This then becomes our story around whether we feel good about ourselves in that moment, that day, that month, that year.  All based around being “good or bad ” or eating healthy and pure because we are told this is the way to reach a goal weight, or this is the way to stay healthy and lessen your chances of illness and even increase life expectancy!  All this may be true – eating a healthy diet, one that is balanced in all the macronutrients is something that I recommend… but there is so much more to this picture, and this is where your mind body connect comes into play.

Your body chemistry and how this has a fundamental effect on how you assimilate, metabolize  the food you eat. I guess what I am trying to say is, you can eat very well, however if you are stressed out about this, then your body chemistry is affected. One example of this is the effect it has on your ability to lose weight. Our body chemisty is constantly trying to work for us. But if we have a negative stress response around the food we are eating or just when we are eating, well it puts you into the fight and flight response so you can get the hell out of danger. This is not at all an ideal state for digestion.

Ekk what are you saying???  I may as well eat what ever I like???

No,  I am not suggesting this. Well unless you are a yogi and then you might get a way with it  🙂

Mindful eating, mindful self talk, self love and enjoyment is a great way to start and scientifically proven to create a bio chemical reaction on your body that favours good digestion. This is the key to balance.

If you restrict your diet to so called clean pure eating, chances are in the long run this is not going to end well. It is a known fact that 97% of people that go on diets all put the weight back on in that first year. Restriction not only sets your body up for malnutrition but can also lead to some very unhealthy thought patterns.

Yes there is a shit load of crap out there and you can choose to eat foods that feed your body but if you don’t from time to time…  well, so what? You have not failed.  You are not a bad person for making those choices.

Hey I get it, I am a naturopath.

I find myself going to the supermarket and getting so frustrated at all the highly refined so called food they sell (most of the middle section in supermarkets).  I sometimes entertain the idea of living in a world where it is not a mine field to put good normal food on the table for your family without having a PhD in label reading. I guess when i think about healthy food it excites me and it is not an obsession.

If you are reading this and it is triggering something in you, perhaps you have gone past just eating healthy, and it is now an obsession.  This could be affecting your well being and it is highly likely the people close to you are also feeling it. That’s why I wanted to talk a little about Orthorexia.

Orthorexia is on the rise.  Orthorexia is the obsession of eating healthy/pure/clean food.

We live in a new era where we are plastered with healthy food images everywhere, we are told fat is not good and as women and young girls I think we take this to heart. The smoothie movement has gone bonkers and surely anybody who is anybody owns a NutriBullet.  Clean eating, Paleo… there are a lot of catch phrases that are now part of our beliefs about what is good for us and what we should be doing in order to be keeping trim and healthy.   For some people they feel this reflects badly on them as a person for not doing all you can do for your health and well being…

If you find that you are not going to social functions because you are worried about the type of food they are going to be serving, or you find you are being overcritical to yourself and others, or you are on a strict health diet and you are standing on your soap box and telling everyone else they are fools for eating the way they do… then it might be time to reflect on whether this is serving you, or causing so much stress on your body that it is chewing you up.

Orthorexia:  A real issue

What concerns me being in the holistic health industry for so long and having done my training as a naturopath is that there are a lot of people jumping on the clean, pure wagon and slamming down the same advice for everybody.  And I know this is a bold statement but for some of those people they are coming from a background in eating disorders and just transferred it to “clean living”.  This is fundamentally flawed. You are unique.   Your genetics, your body chemistry your state of health.  The way you think, your story.  All unique to you.  So, a one size fits all approach with a huge amount of restrictions of macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates and protein)  is not going to last.  Short term sure. But long term, in my clinical experience – NO.

To find out more about Orthorexia check out www.orthorexia.com.

Where to from here?

If you feel that you may be suffering from Orthorexia, my advice is be honest about this, and get some help if you feel it is all consuming.  Talk to a counsellor that has experience in eating disorders.

And hey, if you are feeling lost in the world of OMG where to start and what to eat and you are ready for some support, give me a call today 021311238, and of course I do Skype consultations. I offer one on one personlised programmes that tie in with where you are at and what your body chemistry is doing. You are unique – remember that. And a little word of warning, if someone promises that their way is the ONLY WAY…… it may have been for them and that’s great, but will it be for you? I can help you find YOUR way. 🙂


And in the mean time learn to love the choices that you make in life, and if you don’t like those choices then change them with out judgement or critical thinking.

Coryn X



Looking for Safe and Effective Products to use on your Family?

Looking for safe and effective products to use on your family?

Lexi and I have been lucky to be asked to do a review on Pineapple Heads.


Pineapple Heads is a Kiwi made range of products from body wash to hair gel, designed for babies and kids.

It’s fun, bright, colourful and hey, its not full of nasties. Got to be happy with that.  The first thing I noticed about the product before I opened it up was the funky bright fun logos.

It was not lost on my boys either and my 4 year old would tell me, Mum I think Lexi (his 9 month old sister) needs a Sleepyhead bath.    So… in she went!

Here is my little one enjoying a kitchen sink bath with one of her faves. Sleepyhead Bubble Bath. Hmmm she doesn’t look that tired…..


The next thing is the smell ahhhhhh so good!!!  You can tell someone has put a lot of thought into this side of the product and of course, the products are all safe and not full of chemicals.  I have been buying products like this for a long time and I love that there are more and more on the market for us to choose from. Pineapple Heads is a local business too!

To find out more about Pineapple Heads click here.



I remember reading somewhere once when the kids are falling apart put them in the bath. So true and I find that these products can help with this and change the funk going on in the family.  The boys love pouring in the body wash that has a divine smell and they love watching the bubbles forming. Ahhhh  – gives mum a breather.

I would definitely be happy to use these products again and have peace of mind that they are not adding to the chemical cocktail that seems to be around every corner with products, environment and foods.



So if you are looking for some fun in your bathroom then I would highly recommend this range, click here to get to their website and order your Pineapple Heads today!

Coryn. X

P.S.  Being a Naturopath and working in the Health Industry for 15 years I have seen a lot of products,  and would only use products that I am completely happy with.