What does the doctor have to say? Introducing Dr Fiona Darracott-Cankovic

I am very excited and pleased to introduce Dr Fiona Darracott-Cankovicas as one of my guess bloggers. Fi will be adding her wealth of knowledge on some of the health topics that I too feel passionate about. We both have an interest in Metabolic health, this topic covers a large range of health issue.


Heart Stethoscope

Fiona is a GP that has studied integrative medicine. She has a holistic view when it comes to seeing her clients.  She practices up at the Titirangi Medical Center

I love that we are seeing more doctors that are interested in functional medicine and integrating the holistic model of working with others like my self in the health field to best support health outcomes for our clients/patience.

So… what topics are you interested in?

To get the ball rolling I would love to hear if there are any topics you would like both Fiona and I to cover together?  Be great to hear from you.

Many thanks xx Coryn

To contact Fiona please call ……..(09) 817 8069



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