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Hey I am Coryn I feel really passionate about teaching you about your body/mind connection and seeing some really positive results coming from that.

My belief and personal experience is that real food plus mindfulness can transform your state of health and make you feel great – this is what motivates me to teach others.

I am a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Massage therapist.

After qualifying in 2003, I realised I did not know a thing!!!  That felt like the start of my journey getting to know the body and mind and 15 years later I am still adding layers, I love it.

I have worked as a Naturopath in my own clinic, I have run workshops on food education, tailored workshops for parents of special needs children, ran massage programs for children with special needs.  I have worked in health stores being the Naturopath.  More recently as a Clinic Manger setting up a natural health clinic.

I have worked and still work as a mum of 3 beautiful free range kids.  After having some time off from work to be a Mum, and having experienced sleep deprivation, financial stress of being on one income and the hormone imbalance that pregnancy and having babies can leave with you, my passion has turned to women’s health. The Endocrine system and the huge umbrella of symptoms that lead from this system being out of balance. Hormones, metabolic issues, gut issues and food relationships, bio chemistry and this beautiful thing call life and nature and how we can live within it symbiotically, that is what floats my boat.

I’m a mum of two boys and a baby girl. I love getting them into the kitchen and playing, teaching and sharing the love that is food, family and life. Xx

What’s My Story?

When I was 21 years old I got really sick. The specialist came up with the label Chronic Fatigue.  Me? No, NOT ME!  I was fit, strong, and highly motivated and over a period of a few months I went down hill fast (just so happened to be working on an apple farm where they were all sprayed and we would eat lots of apples without washing them) and in the end had to have all the tests under the sun, MRI and all sorts only to be told “you may have had a virus and your body has not bounced back so, maybe take some anti-depressants”! Are you shitting me? I thought “is that all they had for me?”  Well, I had a ski season to get to and as my perfect world was falling apart around me I reached out to things I would never have done at that age, I learnt to meditate and did it religiously for years and years,(must start doing more of that in my spare time!). I went and saw an alternative practitioner and she took my pulse, looked at my tongue, and took an hour long case history!  She looked me in the eye and said “my, you have been very unwell haven’t you”. I will never forget her validation of where I was at. It was the motivation and strangely enough the confidence I needed, after being poked and prodded by the medical model, to start healing me.  It changed my life and looking back, as scary as it was, that time was also very deep and spiritual. I found a part of myself that I did not know existed. And I feel that to this day, I still draw on that time.

My passion and love for whole food, real food and the mind, body, soul connection and how it can bring people together is something that I enjoy sharing with others, in a fun and a relaxing environment.

Eating real food, for me, goes hand in hand with how you’re feeling about yourself and your environment.  How you are feeling has a lot to do with your bio chemistry and the habits you have been doing all your life.

Food – I love it!  My memories go back to when I was very young, to the sharing of meals around the table with my family. Healthy eating is not just about putting healthy food in our mouths.
To me it’s so much more. It’s about feeling good about yourself, self care, self love, passion and vitality. It’s about the continuing need for our children to learn to cook, to enjoy cooking and to have access to real food.

It’s about the need to combat the Western trend of disease, as well as our under-nourished and over-weight state.  It’s about being aware of how truly important our Eco system is, and how heavily we rely on it. It’s an informed choice. It tastes good and it feels good. Healthy food is not rigid, it is not the latest diets that shed the pounds. Healthy food is not about setting you up for failure.

Given that I was brought up on a pretty healthy diet, “thanks Mum you rock”.  From there I just added layers.  I went from reading about food choices to realising the fact that these choices were good for me. From there I moved on to feeling, understanding and wanting to live with those choices.

xx Coryn


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